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7 Tips For Making Temporary Housing Feel Like Home

By Yuna Miller
Posted: January 14, 2020 by Robert Poulsen

Millennials are on the move. They're job-hopping more frequently than baby boomers and Gen Xers, and that means they're often on the hunt for new homes. That's why more people are opting to rent these days. With all the moving, it might be difficult to get comfortable in your new place. After all, it’s hard to settle in when you’re maneuvering between stacks of boxes and mounds of clothing. So, go ahead and unpack. Here are seven more tips to turn your temporary housing into a home.

Wall Stickers and Wall Decals

You don’t have to paint the walls or pull up the carpet in your temporary living space to make the place feel like a home. Work with what you have. Removable wall stickers and decals are fantastic options to help brighten up a room. All you have to do is peel and stick.

Add a Personalized Touch



?     Floating shelves are an attractive option to display mementos or photographs. Floating shelves are easy to put up and remove. You can usually find a corner or spot in the home to mount them.

?     If you’re not gung-ho about the carpet in the home, get some rugs to throw over the undesirable carpet.

?     Cozy up your new digs with a portable electric fireplace. They provide the warmth and comfort you need on a cool night, and you can take it with you when you leave.

?     Fluffy towels in the bathroom, quality linens on the bed, and fuzzy throw blankets can also help to make you feel right at home in your temporary space.

Improve the Lighting

The right lighting can brighten up any room. Even if there are overhead lights, a table lamp in the bedroom or a unique night light in the bathroom will add accent lighting to the home.

Flowers and Plants

Flowers and plants can also personalize and warm up a temporary home. Fill a vase with native Georgia flowers. Better yet, plant some native flowers such as Cinderella’s pink swamp milkweed or jewelweed in a flower bed or containers in the front yard. Native plants are low maintenance, so you won't spend a lot of time caring for them and you'll add color to your home.

Invoke the Power of Scents

Certain scents just smell like home, no matter where home is. It could be a cup of coffee brewing or washing your blankets with your favorite laundry detergent. Because smells trigger memories, burning your favorite candle, or even baking your grandma’s famous apple pie will make your place smell like home. Nothing smells better than a clean home, so keep your living space tidy.

Stock the Fridge

Opening a fully stocked refrigerator with your favorite foods and beverages is comforting. Plus, a well-stocked fridge will help you avoid ordering takeout.

Meet your Neighbors



While you’re out and about, stop to greet and meet your neighbors. Introducing yourself when you first move in will help you feel more connected and a part of the community. And neighbors are pretty awesome recommending the best local restaurants, bars, and other things locals need to know.

Be a tourist in your new town. Get out and check out all the sights and sounds. If you have children, get connected with other parenting groups in the area. Making the effort to familiarize yourself with the area will make you feel at home in your new surroundings.

No matter your living situation, home is where the heart is. And after you’ve settled into your new digs, put on some music, break out the bubbly, and celebrate the fact that you’ve made your new space feel like home. Cheers!


Yuna Miller is a freelance writer who has lived in eight cities in 16 years. She finds a community that interests her, finds an old house, fixes it, flips it and gets out her map again.


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